George Craft Award

Here, we celebrate the achievements of our members who have demonstrated outstanding skill, dedication, and sportsmanship in the art of bow hunting. From novice archers to seasoned veterans, we recognize the hard work and perseverance it takes to become a successful bow hunter. Our awards program is designed to honor the accomplishments of our members and inspire them to continue pushing themselves to new heights. So join us in celebrating the best of the best in the world of bow hunting in Nevada.

These are the NBHA’s most prestigious awards! A custom silver belt buckle is awarded to commemorate the accomplishments of the individuals who earn these awards.

NBHA George Craft Out of State Big Buck Award

Purpose of the Award:

This award is given to an NBHA member who harvests the largest Out of State deer each year. You must be a member of the NBHA at the time of harvest. The winner receives a large revolving trophy with their name permanently engraved. They also receive a plaque and patch that they can keep forever.

History of the Award:

George Craft was born in Freemont, Nebraska, and came to Las Vegas early in the 1960s. He became active in the Las Vegas Archers in 1963 and served on the Board for the Club and later became active in the State Association. He was instrumental in putting on the only National NFAA Tournament to ever be held in the State of Utah at Cedar City, Utah. He continued to serve on the State level and was elected Councilman for the Southwest Section. Early in 1970 he became very active on a National level and later was elected President of the National Field Archery Association around 1976. George was a robust individual and enjoyed outdoor activities. He never missed a tournament. Shortly after being elected President of the NFAA his friends and family were shocked when he suffered a heart attack and passed away. Marlene Crim, the Southwest Council Person for the NFAA, requested that the NBHA create this award in his memory. During his term he and Marlene Crim were instrumental in saving the NFAA from financial disaster. He was honored by the NFAA for his service.