Archery Competitions

NFAA Nevada State Ranking System and All-Around Champion Format

All Nevada NFAA/NBHA Members competing in the Nevada State Championship Series shoots will be eligible to be entered into the NFAA Nevada State Ranking System and the chance to win the Nevada State All-Around Champion title and belt buckle.

The NFAA Nevada State Championships Series will consist of the following tournaments:

We are in the process of implementing a new scoring system for All-Around Awards. This system will incorporate the results of all 5 tournaments. The top ranked archer in each NFAA Category may receive the title of All-Around State Champion and receive a belt buckle at an awards ceremony at the NBHA Jamboree the following year if they have met the following criteria.

  • They are Members in good standing of the Nevada State NFAA/NBHA.

  • They competed in at least 4 of the 5 tournaments.

  • They had at least 3 other archers in their category or met the Minimum Qualifying Score for all tournaments they participated in.


Rankings will be posted on the Nevada Bow Hunter Association website & Instagram for each shoot during the shooting season.

 NBHA Money Shoot

NBHA will seed be seeding each of the Money Shoots with $500.

§  All money shooters must be NFAA/NBHA members and must be registered in the money shooter category prior to first arrow being scored. Guest shooters are not allowed to participate in the money shoot

§  All money shooters are required to shoot together.

  • NFAA Nevada State Outdoor (Hunter/Field Round) Championships –

  • NFAA Nevada State Marked Yardage 3D Championships –

  • NFAA Nevada State Unmarked Yardage 3D Championships –

The money shoot will follow the NFAA payout calculator as shown below.

Example (12 shooters):

  • Pays out to 4th place- $50 per shooter = $600 + $500 NBHA seed = $1100
    • 1st place receives 45.5% = $500.50
    • 2nd place receives 26% = $286.00
    • 3rd place receives 17% = $187.00
    • 4th place receives 11.5% = $126.50