NDOW Tag Season

By Dawn Baugh

Are you hunting solo this year? Planning to put in for a party tag? Will it be a Muley you are chasing, Pronghorn, or maybe the coveted Desert Big Horn Sheep tag? Will you be using those archery skills you’ve been working on throughout the year, or ripping out the trusty rifle? Are you looking for a tag close to home or looking to chart new terrain in a different part of the state? Whatever your plans are, it sure is an exciting time of the year!

Just a few things to take note of prior to applying for tags. If you are a new hunter in Nevada, you must first take a hunters safety course or provide huntnevada.com with a copy of your hunters education card prior to applying for tags. There are many options for hunters’ safety classes currently being held all over the state. They typically take place every Saturday and Sunday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, through the tag deadline date on April 17, 2017. One can find the class listings through ndow.org’s website under the “Education” tab. There you enter some personal information, create a profile, you are assigned a Sportsman’s number, and you can sign up for a class. That same profile you create on the Nevada Department of Wildlife’s website, allows you to purchase your hunting license, as well. Pretty simple process, eh?

So after all your plans are laid out, hop on to the huntnevada.com website, plug in some personal information and apply for tags! You can also come in to the Department and a member of the staff would be more than willing to assist you with the process. Another tip? You can actually contact a biologist in your desired hunt unit and they will provide you some feedback on the area prior to applying for tags. In these final weeks up to the tag deadline, I wish you good luck and straight shooting with outdoor archery season picking up!