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The Nevada Bow Hunters Association is Nevada's statewide archery representative and the voice of bow hunters in Nevada. We are also affiliated with the National Field Archery Association, representing our state at the national level through that affiliation. Our purpose is to promote all aspects of archery and protect the hunting rights of archers in Nevada...

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All big game seasons are pending for 2018... If you have any questions, go to  www.huntnevada.com
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Attention all NBHA Hunters:
The 2017 "Bow Hunter of the Year" application period has begun. To start your application for the 2017 year, go to the Bow Hunter Awards main page or Click
HERE to download a pdf application. This is one of the nicest silver buckles we award, so don't miss out. All 2017 applications are due by March 31, 2018. The 2017 Award will be given out at the 2018 Jamboree.

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NBHA Accomplishments

Many non-members who are archery hunters in Nevada have benefited from what the NBHA has accomplished. The NBHA was the driving force in obtaining the archery only elk and antelope seasons that you now enjoy. The NBHA fought to protect Nevada bow hunters from a stratified hunt system, preventing the loss of many resident archery deer tags. Our Association has members attend both County Wildlife Advisory Board meetings and State Commission meetings, as well as attend legislative sessions and hearings to protect our hunting rights as archers. 

The  NBHA along with other sportsman’s groups, such as Nevada coalition for Wildlife and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation,  joined the fight against proposals in the State legislature to eliminate the ability of the Wildlife Department to have a bear hunt in Nevada.  Why are we doing this? The same groups that are proponents of the "no bear Hunt Nevada" made proposals in California that blocked archery hunting of bears as it was "in humane".  Even though we have been successful in blocking this action at this time (May of 2013), these groups are well organized  and funded, they will be back!

Previously, we joined other groups in fighting a lawsuit filed by a group of hunting guides from New Mexico that would have changed the way we allocate resident and non-resident tags.. Rather than allocating deer tags for residents and a smaller percentage to non-resident hunters, all applications for tags were to be placed in the same draw system. What do you think your odds of drawing an archery deer tag would be if, say 5,000 extra applications were added to the resident quota? You think getting drawn for your favorite area was  difficult before? The organizations  joined together to support a bill that Senator Reid sponsored that would give states the right to determine how hunting tags are allocated. NBHA spent  funds from the Bowhunter Defense Fund for printing and mailing letters to all hunters asking them to support Senator Reid’s bill. We can't afford to lose these type of issues and this case we prevailed! 

Despite what the Association is doing to protect our hunting rights, many archery hunters in Nevada do not join NBHA. Some people get apathetic and don't feel they need to do anything, leaving it up to others. However, when there are no people left doing anything, everyone will get nothing. We need your participation and help!

In addition to protecting hunting rights, we are spear-heading archery education in schools and communities. We offer scholarships for young adult members wanting to attend college. Members contribute to making improvements to wildlife in Nevada. Some members instruct bow hunter safety courses, in cooperation with the Nevada Department of Wildlife. We also support U.S. Sportsman’s Alliance and similar organizations.


NBHA offers members an opportunity to compete in five tournaments: the State Indoor Mail-In Tournament, the NBHA Marked Yardage  3-D Tournament, the State Outdoor Field/Hunter Tournament, the Bowhunter Jamboree (an unmarked yardage 3-D tournament) and the Sagebrush Classic (a traditional equipment only 3-D shoot).  We’ve offered a variety of awards in recent years – plaques, trophies, pins, medals, patches, and even money. We are presenting an All-Around NBHA Champion award in each style, gender, and age (except cubs and peewees) to the archers who perform best overall at shoots. A Banquet and Awards Ceremony is held at the Bowhunter Jamboree. In addition to tournament awards, the Association gives a silver belt buckle for Adult Bowhunter of the Year and Youth Bowhunter of the Year. We recognize hunters that harvest big game animals in Nevada each year. We award the Doc  Holmes revolving trophy and plaque to the hunter entering the largest mule deer buck from Nevada taken with archery equipment. We award two George Craft revolving trophies and plaques to the hunter with the largest out-of-state muley buck. We raffle off several thousand dollars in prizes, including 3-4 bows. Newer archers should not hesitate to join just because they cannot compete with experienced archers, we all started as beginners. Also, based on the flight system, it is possible for novice archers to win medals because they are grouped with members at their own skill level.